CARTOUCHE: an ornamental device in an oval or abstract form with curled edges. It often that looks like a sheet of paper with scrolled ends or a shield. Sometimes it bears an inscription. Frequently used on Renaissance, Baroque or Rococo furniture. When used in archaeology, it refers to an oval or oblong shape enclosing Egyptian hieroglyphics that typically express divine or royal names.

All architectural element showing in our shop are manufactured by Aristo Artisans. Those can be used as separate stand-alone decor elements, and can be used to create more saturated compositions. Everyone can find the necessary element by selecting from the most common forms of diversity are round, square, carved. The Aristo Artisans team constantly work to expand the range of our decorative elements. At present, we can introduce around 600 different models of architectural elements. If you do not find the necessary decorative elements in the assortment that we offered, we will be glad to produce any custom-made model for your project.

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