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Alex Sukhomlinov

Alex Sukhomlinov

Designer & project creator

Project Description & RESIDENCE OWNER’S REVIEW

My husband and I came across some of Alex Sukhomlinov’s beautifully handcrafted pieces of “Décor” at an antique shop in Vancouver about 4 years ago.  We were so impressed with his work that we set up an appointment to meet him at his studio.  At that time, we were setting up law offices in Vancouver and were looking for items to add to the overall ‘Old World Charm’ to accompany several French Empire Antiques we had brought up from L.A.  His abilities as an artist and a master craftsman were matched equally by his passion and vision for what we were looking for.

Thrilled with the finished offices we then invited him to our home in Cochrane, Alberta and that is when we let him have free reign on designing our library décor and add finishing touches to our living room.  We have had several world-renowned artists and many world travellers to our home since the completion of Alex’s work.  The overall comments are:  THIS IS IN CANADA???  THIS IS BETTER THAN ANY MANSION I’VE EVER BEEN TO!!  THIS BLOWS NAPOLEAN’S LIBRARY OUT OF THE WATER!!  THIS IS BETTER THAN VERSAILLES!!  We are pleased to pass on any photos or answer any questions prospective clients may have.  Alex was very easy and accommodating to work with.  He takes enormous pride in his work.  There is NO ONE ELSE that can do what he does.  He creates Masterpieces that are so worthy of his time and effort.  We are very honoured to have him contribute to our beautiful home and look forward to future projects with him.

Janet Munro and Patrick Fagan

Project Details

Client: Janet Munro & Patrick Fagan 
Date: 2013
Skills: French Empire Style Interior Design
View: Cochrane, Alberta Canada

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